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 The Pros and Cons 



  • The taxpayer (through the BLM) gets over 5,100 acres of land in exchange for approximately 4,900 acres (total acreages in the final exchange will be determined through the valuation process).

  • The public secures permanent and indisputable roadway access to the Breaks Monument.

  • Thousands of Montanans and visitors can enjoy new or improved access to over 70,000 acres of currently inaccessible or very difficult to reach public land.

  • The exchange provides timely access to important recreational and hunting ground within the Breaks National Monument – one of BLM’s top priorities in Montana.

  • The public does not lose a single acre of roadway-accessible public land.

  • The exchange avoids the need to construct a new, duplicative, expensive and environmentally destructive roadway through a national monument.

  • The exchange is consistent with BLM’s public policy goals to “increase/improve public access to public lands through acquisitions, exchanges, [and] partnerships ...”

  • Public land consolidation improves efficiency and cost effectiveness of land management for the BLM and taxpayer.

  • Collaboration with the NBar and Anchor Ranches provides greatly enhanced opportunity for wildlife management.  




  • Approximately 40 to 60 hunters each year, who currently fly or charter aircraft into the Durfee Hills, will have to ask permission to hunt on private land.


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